London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Plumstead 1897

Annual report of the Medical Officer of Health, 1897

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Summary of Statistics for 1897, compared with Registration London.

1. Area3,388 acres77,410 acres
Inhabited houses (June, 1897)9,934
Number of persons to a house614
2. Population (Census 1896)59,2524,421,955
Population estimated to June 30th, 189761,0904,463,169
Total Deaths (corrected for Public Institu tions)83580943
Total Births1975133,618
Natural increase of population114052,675
Estimated increase147541,214
3. Birth Rate32.330.0
Death Rate13.618.2
Zymotic Death Rate2.22.58
Deaths under 1 year to 1000 births116159
4. Uncertified deaths per cent, of total deaths1.30.6
Deaths from violence25
Inquest cases35
5. Death Rate, 189515.919.4
„ 189615.618.2
„ 189713.618.2