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Fulham 1927

Annual report of the Medical Officer of Health for the year 1927

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Rat Destruction.
One hundred and fifty-eight complaints were received
regarding infestation by rats, and poison baits
were laid in the following positions:—
Private houses 194
Other premises 22
Sewers 214
The special dustbin traps which were introduced in
July, 1926, have accounted for the death of 798 rats,
439 of which were trapped during the year 1927.
The amount received by the Council from property
owners for the services of the Rat Officer was £9.

Legal Proceedings.—Proceedings under the Public Health (London) Act, etc., were instituted in the following cases:—

C. P. Keen, 74, May Street.Failing to comply with nuisance order.Order to abate within 7 days.--
S. A. Berge, 1, Musard Road.Nuisance, 2, Biscay Road.Order to abate within 21 days.-30
J. S. Harman, 50, Castletown Road.Claim for expenses under Housing Act, 1925, re No. 2, Yeldham Rd.Order for payment with interest.-30
R. V. Notley, North Feltham.Nuisance, 32, Yeldham Rd.Withdrawn, work done.--
Do.Nuisance, 38, Yeldham Rd.Do.
Do.Nuisance, 42, Yeldham Rd.Do.-
Do.Nuisance, 46, Yeldham Rd.Do.-
C. Feltham,48, Yeldham Rd. Nuisance,Do.--
503, King's Rd., Chelsea.65, Aspenlea Rd.
E. Cook, 31A, Althea St.Nuisance, 31a, Althea St.Do.--