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Fulham 1927

Annual report of the Medical Officer of Health for the year 1927

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Sanitary Inspection of the District.β€”The following
inspections of dwelling-houses were made during 1926
by the District Sanitary Inspectors :β€”
Cause. Premises inspected.
*In consequence of complaint 2162
In consequence of infectious disease 909
House-to-house inspections 225
Re-inspections 12942

The following notices, requiring the abatement of nuisances found, were served:β€”

Intimation notices.Statutory notices.
Number served.Number complied with up to 31st December, 1927.Number served.Number complied with up to 31st December, 1927.

The following works were carried out and repairs
effected as a result of the action of the Sanitary Inspectors
Drains tested 1463
Drains relaid 167
Drains repaired 623
Soil pipes renewed 158
Soil pipes repaired 165
Eaves and downspouting repaired 611
Sinks renewed or repaired 309
W.C.s. and flushing apparatus repaired 606
Cisterns cleansed and covered 303
Water supply provided from main 135
Yards and forecourts paved 336
Roofs, chimneys and walls repaired 1347
Dustbins provided 384
Dampness of walls remedied 891
Internal house repairs done 1829
Rooms cleansed 2340
Overcrowding abated 44
Other nuisances abated 895
*This number includes houses reported as insanitary by
Tuberculosis Nurses, Health Visitors, etc.