London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Fulham 1927

Annual report of the Medical Officer of Health for the year 1927

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Food Shops and Food Stalls.
All food shops, stalls, barrows and the Fulham
Market have been kept under careful supervision during
the year and two of the Sanitary Inspectors have been
on special duty, as in previous years, every Friday and
Saturday night with regard to these food premises.
Slaughterhouses.—There are two licensed slaughterhouses
in the Borough situated at:—
No. 611, Fulham Road, and
No. 640, King's-Road.
During the year Inspector Manning has made 187
visits of inspection to these premises.
The slaughterhouses, lairs and utensils have been
kept in a cleanly condition.
Milk.—Of 513 samples examined, 8, or 1.5 per
cent., were adulterated, as compared with 0.57 per
cent. in 1926, 1.0 per cent. in 1925, and 1.6 per cent.
in 1924.

Details of legal proceedings instituted by the Council will be found on page 77.

Milk Sellers:-
Number on Register, 31st December, 1926112
Number who discontinued sale of milk during the year, or business transferred5
Number of registrations granted during 19276
Number on Register, 31st December, 1927113

During the year, eleven applications were received
for permission to sell bottled sterilised milk from premises
which were not suitable for registration as dairies.
The necessary registrations were granted in every case,
provided the milk was not to be supplied otherwise
than in the closed and unopened receptacles in which
it was delivered to the premises.