London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Fulham 1927

Annual report of the Medical Officer of Health for the year 1927

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available, and one must hope that ultimately it may
be found possible to provide the necessary accommodation
in smaller Homes designed to cater for one or
perhaps more Boroughs, and easily accessible at all
times to the relatives.

Table VII. 249 patients were sent to residential institutions on the recommendation of the Dispensary Medical Officers.

(a.) 162 by the London County Council:-
62 to Sanatoria.5 to Convalescent Homes.1 to a Farm Colony.94 to Hospitals or Homes.
(b.) 35 by the Poor Law Authorities:—
23 to Fulham Hospital.12 to Sanatoria or Convalescent Homes.
(c.) 30 Children were sent to Convalescent Homes by the Invalid Children's Aid Association.
(d.) 4 by the Charity Organisation Society:— 1 Woman sent to Eversfield Chest Hospital. 3 Children boarded out.
(e.) 11 by the United Services Fund:— 2 Women convalesced. 9 Children boarded out.
(f.) 7 Children boarded out under the L.C.C.'s Contact scheme.

The Care of Tuberculous Children.—It has become
the custom of recent years to regard the supervision
and treatment of tuberculous children, and children
in contact with tuberculous adults, as one of the most
important measures in the general campaign against
tuberculosis. It is recognised that it is during this