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Fulham 1927

Annual report of the Medical Officer of Health for the year 1927

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During the year under review the Tuberculosis
Register has been corrected by the removal of all cases
under the headings cured, arrested, diagnosis not confirmed,
lost sight of, left the district and died, and
the addition of all new cases notified, in accordance
with the Public Health (Tuberculosis) Regulations, 1924.

At the end of 1927, the number of cases remaining on the Register was as under:—

Number of cases on Register at commencement of 1927574433330275
Number of cases removed during the year2431877761
Number of cases notified for the first time during 19271321205440
Total number of cases maining on the Register at 31st December, 1927463366307254

It will be seen from Table IV. that 346 cases of
tuberculosis were notified during the year. Of these,
251 were cases of tuberculosis of the respiratory system,
one was of disseminated tuberculosis and 94 were due
to tuberculosis of other organs. Table IV. classifies the
cases according to the ages of the persons affected, and
also gives the number of cases in each ward of the

Mortality from Tuberculosis.

Respiratory system:-
126 deaths86 males, 40 females.
Death rate0.77 per 1,000, being 0.21 lower than in 1926.
112 notified (88.8 per cent.), 14 not notified (11.1 per cent.), of whom 5, or 35.7 per cent., died in institutions.