London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Fulham 1927

Annual report of the Medical Officer of Health for the year 1927

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I am indebted to Mr. E. J. Mott, Clerk to the Fulham Guardians, for the following figures relating to Poor Law Relief:—

Date. Half-year ending)1.Number receiving relief. Indoor and outdoor, but excluding lunatics and figures in column 2.2.Persons in receipt of out-door medical relief only not included in column 1.
1st July, 1917154665
1st January, 1918152764
1st July, 1918143973
1st January, 1919134146
1st July, 1919137643
1st January, 1920143046
1st July, 1920142644
1st January, 1921246575
1st July, 1921248670
1st January, 1922407458
1st July, 1922352056
1st January, 1923312064
1st July, 1923265992
1st January, 1924279370
1st July, 1924232863
1st January, 1925236651
1st July, 1925270568
1st January, 1926348969
1st July, 1926312567
1st January, 1927312353
1st July, 1927265659
1st January, 1928332850

Infectious Diseases.
Incidence.—Full particulars of all notifiable infectious
diseases, arranged according to disease, ward
and age will be found in Table IV., page 45.
The number of cases of infectious diseases notified
during 1927 was 2,055, compared with 5,292 in 1926
and 2,199 in 1925. The cause of the difference in the
numbers during these three years was the epidemic
of measles which occurred in 1926.
Excluding measles, 1,592 cases were notified in
1927 and exactly the same number in 1926.
The diphtheria notifications increased from 345 in
1926 to 390 in 1927 and the number of cases of scarlet