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Fulham 1927

Annual report of the Medical Officer of Health for the year 1927

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Table II. Causes of and Ages at Death during the Year 1927.

Nett deaths at the subjoined ages of "Residents," whether occurring within or without the District (a).Total Deaths whether of "Residents" or "Non-Residents" in Institutions in the District (b.)Nett deaths at all ages of "Residents" in the Wards of the Borough, whether occurring in or beyond the Ward.
Causes of Death.All ages.Under 1 year.1 and under 2 years.2 and under 3 years.3 and under 4 years.4 and under 5 years.5 and under 10 years.10 and under 20 years.20 and under 35 years.35 and under 45 years.45 and under 65 years.65 years and upwards.Baron's Court Ward.Lillie Ward.Walham Ward.Margravine Ward.Munster Ward.Hurlingham Ward.Sands End Ward.Town Ward.
All CausesCertified (c)18321623417310215512013652574980918133117016943993274175
1. Enteric Fever2---1---1---2----1--1
2. Small-pox---------------------
3. Measles------------3--------
4. Scarlet Fever1--------------------
5. Whooping Cough8512--------24----5-21
6. Diphtheria1114112-11--37-3-31121
7. Influenza47----21-451619121310-47364
8. Encephalitis Lethargica1---------1--------1-
9. Meningococcal Meningitis6121-1-1----31-3-1-1-
10. Tuberculosis of Respiratory System126------1438333474610271112--29
11. Disseminated Tuberculosis2-1----1------2------
12. Other Tuberculous diseases19223--423-3-822326-31
13. Cancer, malignant disease220-------59103103822342221353132727
14. Rheumatic Fever5----12---114-1-11-1
15. Diabetes12-------2-557-2115--3
16. Cerebral Haemorrhage, etc.84------1-123593081574236129
17. Heart Disease1994----1108117095-5023361818311631-
18. Arterio-sclerosis85---------147160131188224145
19. Bronchitis2161522---21947138114164622275682813
20. Pneumonia (all forms)16725161--561114434669172913174782214
21. Other Respiratory Diseases2711--1--14109724314472
22. Ulcer of Stomach or Duodenum17----1-19518-3224222
23. Diarrhoea, etc. (under 2 years)19163---------14-24-
24. Appendicitis and Typhlitis16---122415112-2216-5-
25. Cirrhosis of Liver12----------84653111--1
26. Nephritis and Bright's Disease66-------642927316113719389
27. Puerperal Sepsis2-------2------1-1---
28. Other accidents and diseases of pregnancy and parturition-----------1--------
29. Congenital Debility and malformation, premature birth80782--------36721610181134
30. Suicide25--------5713-1282-
31. Other deaths from violence70631---510815223451247195153
32. Other defined diseases2889-213311172080142962344342670143839
33. Causes ill-defined or unknown---------------------

(a.) All "Transferable Deaths" of residents, i.e., of persons resident in the District who have died outside
it, are included with the other deaths in columns 2—13, and columns 15—22. Transferable
deaths of non-residents, i.e., of persons resident elsewhere in England and Wales who have died
in the District, are in like manner excluded from these columns. For the precise meaning of
the term " transferable deaths " see footnote to Table I.
(b) All deaths occurring in institutions for the sick and infirm situated within the district, whether of
residents or of non-residents, are entered in column 14 of Table II. „
(c) All deaths certified by registered Medical Practitioners and all Inquest cases are classed as Certified
all other deaths are regarded as " Uncertified."