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Fulham 1924

Annual report of the Medical Officer of Health for the year 1924

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in such a manner as to prevent mud, filth
or other contaminating substance being
splashed or blown from the ground upon
any meat on the stall.
(b) Shall take all such steps as may be reasonably
necessary to guard against the contamination
of the meat by flies.
(c) Shall not place any meat on or within 18 inches
of the ground or floor unless the meat is
placed in a closed cupboard not less than
9 inches from the ground or floor.
(d) Shall cause all trimmings, refuse or rubbish
to be placed in properly covered receptacles
kept for the purpose and apart from any
meat intended for sale.
Part 5 of the Regulations deals with the sale of
meat from shops, stores, etc. The first and second
sub-sections of part 5 (section 20) lay down certain
definite sanitary requirements as to the shop or store,
and deal with such matters as the proximity of W.C.'s,
drains, etc.
Sub-section 3 requires the walls and ceiling to be
white-washed, cleansed or purified as often as may be
necessary, while sub-section 4 requires the occupier to
observe due cleanliness in regard to the room and all
articles, apparatus and utensils therein. Sub-section 5
lays down similar rules regarding shops to those previously
quoted as applying to stalls, particularly
regarding the necessity for causing the meat to be so
placed as to prevent mud, filth or other contaminating
substance being splashed or blown thereon and to prevent
the contamination of the meat by flies. This subsection
will probably in practice be found to be one of
the most important of the whole Regulations. Part 6
(section 21), deals with the transport and handling of
meat and requires that "any person who conveys meat
in a vehicle shall cause the outside and the covering of
the vehicle to be kept clean, also the receptacles in
which meat is placed and such parts of any slings or

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