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Camberwell 1962

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Camberwell.

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HOUSING Record of work of Housing Inspector, 1962

Clearance areas17668244
Individual unfit houses-Section 99457151
Section 1652227
Underground rooms and parts of premises Section 18213960
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Housing Statistics, 1962
1.Inspection of Dwelling Houses during the Year:-
(a) Total number of dwelling-houses inspected for
housing defects (under Public Health or
Housing Act) 3,727
(b) Number of inspections made for the purpose .. 15,107
(c) Number of dwelling-houses found not to be in
all respects reasonably fit for human
habitation 2,617
2. Remedy of defects during the year without service of
Formal Notices:-
Number of dwelling-houses rendered fit in
consequence of informal action by the Local
Authority or their Officers - Public Health
(London) Act and Housing Act 854
3. Action under Statutory Powers during the Year:-
(a) Proceedings under Public Health (London) Act:-
(1) Number of dwelling-houses in respect of
which statutory notices were served
requiring defects to be remedied 432
(2) Number of dwelling-houses in which defects
were remedied after service of formal
(a) By owners 1,472
(b) By Local Authority in default of owners 2
(b) Proceedings under Housing Act, 1957:-
(1) Number of houses made fit after service of
formal notices (Sections 9, 16 and 18):-
(a) By owners 6
(b) By Local Authority in default of owners Nil
(2) Houses demolished as a result of formal or
informal procedure under Section 17 Nil
(3) Houses closed in pursuance of an undertaking
given by the owners under Section 16 and
Still in force Nil

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