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Camberwell 1962

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Camberwell.

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Two hundred and fifty admitted watching programmes
which advertise drugs, medicines and patent foods and
120 stated they read similar advertisements in newspapers
and magazines.
A comprehensive analysis of the results of this
investigation is being prepared and will be published in
due course.
Pupils at a Girls' Secondary School and a large mixed
comprehensive school completed a similar questionnaire
which also enquired into the smoking habits of the
students. At the Girls' Secondary School 54 students
out of 151 admitted to smoking cigarettes. Of these 34%
smoked only occasionally; 43% smoked up to five cigarettes
daily, 17% between six and ten and 6% more than ten.
At the comprehensive school, 1,045 questionnaires
were completed by pupils, 230 of whom smoked cigarettes.

The following table shows the number of cigarettes which these boys and girls stated they smoked daily.

No. of cigarettes daily1-56-1011-1516-20Total smokers
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This is the school which set up its own anti-smoking
society (referred to on page 20) and some intensive
propaganda has since been carried out there. A further
enquiry is now being conducted to ascertain whether this
has resulted in a reduction in the consumption of
cigarettes by the pupils.
Camberwell Council on Alcoholism
This voluntary organisation was set up about the
middle of the year. The Medical Officer of Health is its
Chairman. It came into being as a result of suggestions
from many quarters and the support given at a meeting
attended by people in different walks of life. Its objects
are to find out more about the impact of alcohol on the
community, and by joint effort, to help in the solution
of some of its problems, and to help the alcoholic.
It aims, therefore, not only to bring people together

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