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Camberwell 1962

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Camberwell.

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such cases as came to their knowledge through the public
health inspectorate.
The Public Health Committee gave consideration to
this matter and decided to instruct the Public Health
Inspectors to report details of excessive rents for
furnished accommodation which came to their notice in the
normal course of their duties in order that the Finance
Committee may decide whether or not they should be referred
to the Rent Tribunal.
Priorities for Rehousing
The scheme which was put into operation in 1955
(described in the Annual Report for 1959 page 27) has
been continued. It has greatly facilitated the arrangements
for medical rehousing and has been most acceptable
to general practitioners who are enabled to obtain an
accurate picture of the housing conditions from a public
health angle before giving their recommendation. The
scheme has been adopted by a number of authorities in
different parts of the country.
The number of applications supported by medical
certificates which were referred to the Medical Officer
of Health during the year numbered 232. This was a slight
reduction on the figure for 1961 which was 252.

The following table shows the medical conditions and the recommendations made in each category.

Medical ConditionCategory 1Category 2Category 3Category 4
Bronchitis and/ or Asthma714164
Other respiratory conditions62
Heart conditions3462
Physical disabilities (bad legs, etc.)133
Nervous disorders210299
Rheumatic conditions11282
Other Medical conditions9281919
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