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Camberwell 1952

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Camberwell.

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All the static water tanks in the Borough were kept under
observation, particularly during the warm weather, and where
public health nuisances arose, prompt action was taken to
eliminate the cause. In three instances, it became necessary
to completely empty and cleanse the tanks.
Noise Nuisances.
Three complaints were received during the year that the
noise of machinery at factories was giving rise to annoyance to
residents in the vicinity. These were investigated and the
proprietors of the factories concerned were advised as to the
best means of reducing the noise. In each case alterations were
carried out or additional machinery installed which proved
effective in mitigating the nuisances.
Nuisances from Pigeons.
A complaint was received during the year with regard to
an excessive number of pigeons in the vicinity of Court Lane
Gardens, which it was alleged was giving rise to a nuisance and
causing damage to property. The Public Health Committee
authorised the Borough Engineer and Surveyor to arrange for
the destruction of the birds.
Swimming Bath Waters.

During 1952 samples of swimming bath water were taken for bacteriological and chemical examination from the Council's baths, as follows :—

Bacteriological ExaminationChemical Examination
Camberwell Front Swimming Bath ... ...77
Camberwell Rear Swimming Bath ... ...1212
Dulwich 1st Class Swimming Bath ... ...55
Dulwich 2nd Class Swimming Bath ... ...66
Totals ... ... ... ... ...3030
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The reports on these samples indicated that the waters
were maintained in a satisfactory condition, but owing to the
build-up of organic matter in the water of the Dulwich 2nd Class
Bath in July, it was considered desirable that this water should
be renewed. The bath was accordingly emptied, cleansed, and
In addition to the above, three samples of water from the
Swimming Bath at the Mary Datchelor Girls' School were

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