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Camberwell 1935

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Camberwell.

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Clearance Areas Scheme.
In July, 1934, a conference was held at the County Hall between
representatives of this Council and the London County Council
to discuss the question of slum clearance operations in this Borough.
It was ascertained at this conference that certain areas in Camberwell
had been scheduled for action under the provisions of the Housing
Acts in the following classifications :—
(a) Several large areas to be dealt with by the L.C.C.
(b) Small areas which will not form re-housing sites, but which
could be dealt with conveniently with the large areas.
(c) A group of smaller areas which the Borough Council might
deal with as Clearance Areas in addition to the three areas
with which the Borough Council was now dealing, viz.,
Tiger Yard, Joiner's Arms Yard and Woodland Cottages.
At the meeting of the Council in October, 1934, it was resolved:—
" That the London County Council be informed that this
Council is prepared to deal with small clearance areas in the
Borough, subject to approval from time to time of the sizes
of the areas and the intervals at which they are dealt with, and
also to the arrangements to be made being timed to correspond
with the London County Council's re-housing programme in
At a further conference held at the County Hall in November,
1934, between representatives of both authorities on the subject of
the terms upon which the L.C.C. would provide re-housing accommodation
in respect of persons displaced as the result of slum
clearance operations by this Council, it was understood that the
County Council would have available housing accommodation for
approximately 20 families per month.
Official representations in accordance with the provisions of
Section 1 of the Housing Act, 1930, have accordingly been made
by your Medical Officer of Health on this basis in respect of the
small insanitary areas referred to in the L.C.C. classification in
Group (c) above.
It was subsequently arranged that certain small areas included
in Group (c) should be transferred to Group (b) with a view of their
being considered for action by the L.C.C. in their larger areas
As the result of a further meeting between representatives of
the respective authorities, this Council decided to extend their
clearance area programme by including a number of larger areas for
subsequent action.

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