London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Camberwell 1949

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Camberwell.

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Staff of the Public Health Department at the end of 1949.
Medical Officer of Health.
H. W. Barnes, B.A., M.B, B.Ch., M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., D.P.H.
Public Analyst.
J. E. Woodhead, B.Sc., F.I.C, Ph.C.
Food Inspector and Senior Sanitary Inspector.
R. F. Nash, a
Sanitary Inspectors.
Dist. No.
Dist. No.
1. R. C. Charlton.b
6. H. M. Hough.a
2. A. G. O'Gilvie. b
7. F. Maughan. a
3. J. H. Prosser. b
8. M. L. Malins. a
4. D. V. Watkins. a
9. H. Attwater. a
5. L. A. Biggs. b
10. L. W. Burrell. a
11. G. W. Thomas b
Housing Inspector.
H. W. Leonard.a
Sampling Officer —Foods and Drugs Act, etc.
H.R. Weaver, a
Chief Clerk.
S. A. Cranfield.
Senior Clerk.
A. J. Carly.
N. Westley.
Miss G. M. Trim.
Miss M. Laws. (Temp.)
D. Danter.
Mrs. M. Findlay.
Miss S. Gee. (Temp.)
Rodent Control Staff.
Rodent Officer ... ... W. H. G. Saunders, b
Rodent Investigator ... Mrs. M. J. Kenny
Rodent Operators ... ... C. Green (Working Foreman), A. P.
Abrahams, P. Collins, G. Glazebrook,
R. Humphreys, J. Carver.
Bait Preparer ... ... Mrs. A. Grice.
Disinfecting and Cleansing Station.
Superintendent Disinfector ... A. Franklin.
Disinfector Apparatus Attendant... B. Russell.
Disinfectors... ... ... ... R.T.J.Hodgson, A. Thomas, E.
Manning, A. E. Kenny.
Motor Driver... ... ... H. King.
Cleansing Station Attendants.
Mrs. D. O. Farmer.
Mrs. E. E. Doe.
(a) Certificate Sanitary Inspectors Examination Board and Meat and other Foods Certificate.
(b) Certificate Sanitary Inspectors Examination Board.

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