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Bermondsey 1932

Report on the sanitary condition of the Borough of Bermondsey for the year 1932

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Forty-seven milksellers were registered under the above Act
daring 1932, and 41 names were removed from the Register,
making a total of 296 milksellers on the Register at the end of
the year under report.

MILK (SPECIAL DESIGNATIONS) ORDER, 1923. During the year under report the following Licences were granted:— Dealers' Licences:—

To bottle and sell Grade "A" (Tuberculin Tested) Milk11
To sell Grade "A" (Tuberculin Tested) Milk29
To sell "Pasteurised" Milk5
Supplementary Licences:—
To sell "Certified" Milk3
To sell Grade "A" Milk3
To sell Grade "A" (Tuberculin Tested) Milk6
To sell "Pasteurised" Milk4

All premises used for the sale of milk are regularly inspected
to ensure that the standard of cleanliness laid down is maintained.

MILK SAMPLING. A total of 511 milk samples has been taken during the year. This is made up as follows:— " For chemical (i.e., Fat and non-Fatty Solids) Examination."

Liquid milk undesignated479
Condensed milk6
Condensed full cream milk1
Condensed machine skimmed milk2
Separated milk3
Sterilised milk9
Pasteurised milk11
"For bacteriological examination."
Grade 'A' (T.T.) milk70
Pasteurised milk17
Liquid milk undesignated50
For tubercle bacilli7