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Bermondsey 1932

Report on the sanitary condition of the Borough of Bermondsey for the year 1932

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HOUSE, TRADE AND MARKET REFUSE. The following table shows the amount of house, trade and market refuse disposed of during 1932:—

House Refuse to Barge10,19214,52562
„ „ „ Destructor3,1516,690112
„ Shoot3315
Trade Refuse „ Barge2,3021,86921
„ „ Destructor42552010
„ „ „ Shoot29365
Street Markets Refuse to Barge1,5671,681183
„ „ „ Destructor22732616
„ „ „ Shoot222710

OFFENSIVE TRADES. The offensive trades on the Register are as follows:

Glue and size makers3
Dresser of Fur Skins6

MORTUARY. Particulars of bodies removed to the Mortuary during the year are, as follows:—

Total number of infectious bodies removed33
Total number of bodies removed97

STREET MARKETS. The market scheme continues to work smoothly and satisfactorily.

Number of Licences in operation631

There have been 67 prosecutions during the year.

DRAINAGE WORK. Hereunder will be found particulars of drainage work, &c., carried out by the Drainage Inspector during 1932:—

Drains Tested721
Intimation Notices served10
Visits to Underground Conveniences410
Other Visits3,620