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Bermondsey 1932

Report on the sanitary condition of the Borough of Bermondsey for the year 1932

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During the year 1932, the following lectures and demonstrations, each illustrated by lantern slides and cinema films, were given:—

Clubs and other Institutions463,880
Open-air, with cinema van6229,550

The total of 148 is three less than for the previous year,
when the number of 151.
A new film of 2,000 ft. entitled "Consumption," was written
and produced, the general theme being that "Consumption is
Curable, Consumption is Preventable." The film strikes a
cheery note throughout, and has been very useful in helping to
remove from the public mind the dread of the disease, and the
feeling of hopelessness which so commonly seizes those who suffer
from pulmonary tuberculosis.
We now have a total of 22 films and 47 pamphlets in our
The annual examination for school children in Personal
Hygiene was held in June. This is the third year of this scheme,
which is worked in co-operation with the Head Teachers and
Teaching Staff of the schools. Three classes of certificates are
given, i.e., Elementary, Intermediate and Final. The Final
Certificate also entitles the holder to a Proficiency Badge.
The successful pupils at the June Examination were as
Final Certificate and Proficiency Badge 4
Intermediate Certificate 19
Elementary Certificate 66