London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Bermondsey 1932

Report on the sanitary condition of the Borough of Bermondsey for the year 1932

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LEYSIN PATIENTS. In the following table will be found a complete list of patients who have been sent to Leysin by the Borough Council.

Initials of PatientAgeSexLocalisation of DiseasePeriod previously under Medical Treatment prior to going to LeysinDate sent to LeysinDate returned from LeysinResult
S.B.12M.Left Foot5 years28/7/245/7/27Well and at work
I.R.10F.Glands of Neck5 „28/7/246/10/25Removed from District
M.S.15F.Right Knee6 „28/7/246/10/25Well and at work
A.L.19F.Glands of Neck2 „1/10/246/10/25„ „
C.P.37F.Forearm & Peritoneum2 „1/10/246/10/25„ „
M.B.28F.Glands of Neck15 „26/10/2522/2/27„ „
E.C.16F.Right Knee5 „26/10/258/7/27„ „
H.C.10M.Glands of Neck2 „26/10/2520/2/27„ „
A.H.21F.Left Hip9 „17/5/2629/6/28„ „
E.W.23F.Spine and Right Hip18 „17/5/2617/9/27Seen recently. Keeping well
G.B.20F.Left Ankle2 „9/2/2728/4/29Well and at work
L.T.19M.Abscess of Ribs2 „9/2/278/5/28Removed from District
C.P.24M.Spine7 „5/7/278/5/28Seen recently. Keeping well
A.R.26F.Glands of Neck3 „5/7/278/6/29Well and at work
E.G16M.Lupus of Nose4 „20/6/288/6/29„ „
C.P.26M.Tuberculide of Skin1 „20/6/288/6/29Removed from District. Well & at work
H.S18M.Right Hip3 „20/6/2826/9/30Well and at work
I.S.23F.Right Hip8 „31/5/295/8/32Seen recently. Keeping well
C.C.27F.Multiple Lupus20 „20/1/306/5/32Well and at work
A. P.16F.Glands of Neck4 months20/1/3020/3/31Seen recently. Keeping well
E.W.18M.Left Knee1 year15/4/30Still at Leysin
G.L.15M.Spine10 months13/10/30Dead (Tuberculous Meningitis)
V.B.16F.Lupus of Nose1 year6/2/316/5/32Well and at work
D.R.34M.Spine4 years4/7/31Dead (Cerebro-spinal Meningitis)
J O'B.17M.Right Knee7 months30/7/32Still at Leysin