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Bermondsey 1932

Report on the sanitary condition of the Borough of Bermondsey for the year 1932

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The following table shows the work done in the Solarium during 1932:-

Number of Attendances31,344
„ Examinations3,748
„ New Patients759
„ Discharges696
„ Maternity and Child Welfare Cases under treatment during the year358
„ Tuberculous patients under treatment during the year58
Total number of other classes under treatment during the year685

(The Maternity and Child Welfare patients formed 32.5 per
cent, of the total number under treatment and the tuberculosis
patients 5.3 per cent.)
All patients attending for treatment are recommended by
general practitioners or by medical officers of the Maternity and
Child Welfare Centres, the Tuberculosis Dispensary or Hospitals.
Every patient is examined by a member of the medical staff
before and during treatment and a medical officer is on duty in
the Solarium during nine of the sessions each week.
During the year there has been a considerable increase in the
amount of work done in the Solarium, and the number of attendances
shows an increase of 6,000 compared with last year.
These figures are gratifying when it is remembered that the
light clinic is situated in a temporary corrugated iron building
which in many respects is unsatisfactory, particularly in the
matter of dressing room accommodation. In previous years the
Solarium has not been closed at all during the year, except for a
day or two at Christmas, This year the staff took their holidays