London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Bermondsey 1915

Report on the sanitary condition of the Borough of Bermondsey for the year 1915

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Table XII.—Sanitary Work, 1915.

Mr. Grice.Mr. Merryman.Mr. Golds.Mr. Cockburn.
Houses or parts of houses cleansed or repaired317263201287
W.C. accommodation provided or reconstructed8243
W.C.'s repaired, ventilated and whitewashed268861597
Closets panned and trapped, or old pans cleansed or new ones fixed7155530
Closets supplied with water, or defective water supplies remedied3081817
Defective drains reconstructed, repaired, ventilated and trapped26236543
Stopped drains and w.c.'s cleared34429520
Yards and forecourts paved or paving repaired341256077
Houses supplied with water1133
Defective roofs repaired1321219198
Defective rainshoots and gutters repaired, unstopped or disconnected from drain481164083
Offensive accumulations removed1613277
Defective water apparatus in w.c.'s repaired27511817
Animals kept so as to be a nuisance removed244
Urinals cleansed, supplied with water and doors5255
Stables and other premises drained and paved42
Waste-water pipes disconnected from drains and made to discharge in the open air, and new waste pipes provided42311620
Providing means of ventilation beneath ground floor3246
Dung receptacles provided or repaired213
Accumulations of manure removed1277
Separating w.c. and domestic water supplies
Effective means taken to prevent dampness16325216
Yards cleansed341104
Means of ventilation provided, or improvement in ventilation made52319
Cisterns cleansed or covers provided2312
Cowsheds cleansed
Drains tested13329667
Intimation Notices531636488469
Statutory Notices20718253208

Four of the regular staff are serving with H.M. Forces.
Post-mortem examinations ... 145
Rooms disinfected ... ... ... 1,909
Articles disinfected ... ... 50,145
Bodies removed to mortuary ... 210
Inquests ... ... ... ... 197