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Bermondsey 1915

Report on the sanitary condition of the Borough of Bermondsey for the year 1915

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The populations of the Borough of Bermondsey and its registration
sub-districts, as enumerated in the Census of 1901 and 1911,
and the estimate of the year under report, are as follows:—
1901. 1911. Estimated to
June 30th,1915
Bermondsey 82,483 81,959 77,155
Rotherhithe 38,460 35,247 32,194
St. Olave 9,817 8,697 7,839
Borough 130,760 125,903 117,188
Owing to the absence of so many of the male members of the
population on military service, great difficulty was experienced in
coming to an estimate of the civil population for 1915. According
to the ordinary method of estimation the total population of the
Borough would have been 124,029. This is obviously not correct,
so the Registrar-General came to our aid with an estimate based on
the National Register for the year 1915 of 117,188. The method
by which he arrived at this conclusion is as follows: —
"The ratio of the total population less the males aged 15-65
years to the number of females aged 15-65 years at the date of the
census was calculated for each administrative area, and this was
applied to the number of females on the National Register; the
resulting product plus the number of males aged 15-65 years on the
National Register was taken to be the number of the Civil population
of the district. A small adjustment was necessary in order to make
the sum of the estimates for the several districts equal to the estimate
for the country as a whole made on the same basis. Further, the
population in institutions was not registered, and this (taken to be
the same in the aggregate for England and Wales as at census date)
together with a number of persons of no fixed abode were distributed