London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Bermondsey 1915

Report on the sanitary condition of the Borough of Bermondsey for the year 1915

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]TABLE L.—Cerebro-Spinal Meningitis, 1915.

Name.Address.Sex.Age.Date of Notification.Occupation or School.Source of Infection.Result.Military Associations. (if any).
H. S.Oldfield VillasM.1/1 1/24/2/15Infant.Not knownRecoveredNone.
F.G.Gilhams CourtM.1/1 0/27/3/15,,Attended Day Nursery. Several cases measles and pneumonia in nursery.Died 11/4/15,,
E.S.Mellicks PlaceF.1 1/1 0/27/3/15,,Not knownRecovered,,
F.S.Renforth StreetF.1 2/1 2/26/4/15,,,, ,,Died 1/6/15
J.S.Weston StreetM.248/4/15Coffee Picker.„ 6/5/15,, ,,Husband soldier at Aldershot (Cyclist Corps).
E. S.Marshall's PlaceM.6/1213/4/15Infant.,, ,,„ 12/4/15Uncle a soldier visited home recently. Investigations made.
E. C.Elgar StreetF.3213/4/15Philanthropic Work.,, ,,RecoveredVisited various soldiers' camps. Aldershot and Bulford.
A.B.Hickman's Folly ...F.414/4/15Dockhead School.Day before removal to hospital child visited family where there was a soldier.,, ,,Not fatal
J.S.Marshall's PlaceF.2 2/1 2/214/4/15Infant.,, ,,Died 13/4/15Uncle a soldier—visited home recently. Investigatios made.
R.H.Lynton RoadF.2016/4/15Tin worker.,, ,,Not fatalNone known of.
D.S.Freda StreetF.1216/4/15Monnow Rd. School.,, ,,Died 29/7/15,, ,, ,,
E.W.Crimscott StreetF.719/4/15Pages Walk School.,, ,,„ 17/4/15,, ,, ,,
A.F.Fendall StreetF.224/4/15Infant.,, ,,30/5/15,, ,, ,,
E. G.Hamilton SquareM.201/5/15Carman.,, ,,Not fatal,, ,, ,,
W.S.Winchelsea BuildingsM.267/6/15Shipwright.,, ,,Recovered,, ,, ,,
G.C.Slippers PlaceM.1/1 0/29/7/15Infant.,, ,,Died 8/7/15,, ,, ,,
N.W.Princes StreetF.5 8/1 8/22/8/15,,,, ,,Not fatal.Father R.N.R. Away from home. No other military associations knownof
E. A.Princes StreetF.2214/8/15Housewife.,, ,,Died 13/8/15?
J.C.English GroundsF.1/1 6/213/12/15Infant.,, ,,„ 20/12/15?
I.O.Upper Grange RoadF.9/1 9/220/12 15,,,,„ 21/12/15Father soldier (in France).
C.P.Millstream Road ...F.9/1 9/228/12/15,,,, ,,Died in 1916.„ „ No other military associations known of.