London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Bermondsey 1915

Report on the sanitary condition of the Borough of Bermondsey for the year 1915

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Deaths from Zymotic Diseases.
There has been an increase in the deaths from these diseases,
the figures being 367, against 262 in the previous year, and 307
the average for the last ten years. This gives a zymotic death-rate
of 3.13.
The total number of deaths from notifiable diseases, viz.,
scarlet fever, diphtheria, typhus fever and enteric fever, was 32,
compared with 28 in 1914, and for the non-notifiable, viz., measles,
whooping cough and diarrhoea, 335 compared with 234 in the
previous year.
There were no deaths from this cause in 1915.
There were 110 deaths due to this disease, which is 14 above the
average for the last ten years, and 31 above the number for 1914.
The deaths occurred in quarters as follows, viz.:— 52, 42, 5, 1.
Whooping Cough.
79 deaths were due to this cause, against 14 in 1914. The
deaths occurred in quarters as follows:— 46, 26, 4, 3.
Typhus Fever.
No deaths occurred from this disease.
Enteric Fever.
3 deaths were due to this cause, 1 in Bermondsey and 2 in
Rotherhithe. The corresponding figures for 1914 were 2 for the
Borough, viz., both in Bermondsey.
Senile Mortality.
The number of deaths over 65 years of age in 1915 was 544
compared with 500 in 1914.
Death Certification.
There were no uncertified deaths in 1915