London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Lambeth 1918

Report on the vital and sanitary statistics of the Borough of Lambeth during the year 1918

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of the prevalence of Influenza, shall not be admitted to such exhibition
in that particular district during the continuance of the
closure of any such school. The Regulations came into force on
25th November, 1918, and continue in force until revoked by Order
of the Board, and apply to England and Wales, presumably only
when Influenza is epidemic.*
School closure, or exclusion of children from school, exclusion
from or closure of places of public entertainment, exclusion from
occupations, provision of proper nursing and medical assistance,
and of the more recently introduced domestic assistance or home
help, are also matters that fall amongst the duties of Public Authorities
in connection with the carrying out of preventive measures
to be taken in dealing with Influenza Epidemics.
An authoritative statement by the Royal College of Physicians
of London, dealing with Influenza, was issued under date of November,
1918, and adopted officially by the Local Government Board
and circulated as such, together with certain other Papers on the
same subject, amongst all Medical Officers of Health.
The administrative measures set out above were those adopted
in the Borough of Lambeth, during 1918, together with disinfection
as/when required, though rigid measures of disinfection do not
appear to be called for in this disease—the infection being unstable.
Precautionary advice was freely distributed to the Public
through the Press and otherwise.
*A practical difficulty has arisen as to the carrying out of this" effectual
and thorough" ventilation. Can it be carried out whilst the audience remains
indoors, or must the room or rooms be cleared first ? Another difficulty is in
connection with the interpretation to be put on the Regulations. Are they
to be administered in a District wherein only a few cases of Influenza are
officially known to exist?