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Greenwich 1919

The annual report made to the Council of the Metropolitan Borough of Greenwich for the year 1919

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Tuberculosis of the lungs (Consumption) is, as usual, credited
with the major portion of these deaths, there being 141 attributed
to this cause, or a rate of 1.35 per 1,000.
Locally, the deaths were 1 in Kidbrooke (giving a Death Rate
of .32), 12 in St. Nicholas (giving a Death Rate of 1.29), 21 in
Charlton (giving a Death Rate of 1.15), 51 in East Greenwich
giving a Death Rate of 1.01), and 56 in West Greenwich (giving a
Death Rate of 2.25 per 1,000).
The remaining forms of Tuberculosis were responsible for 33
deaths, 10 being in East Greenwich, 12 in West Greenwich, 3 in St.
Nicholas, 7 in Charlton and 1 in Kidbrooke.
Of these other forms of Tuberculosis, Tuberculosis of the
Brain or its membranes was credited with 17, 10 being under five
years of age; Tubercle affecting the Intestines, 8 deaths (3 being
under five years of age); General Tuberculosis, 7 deaths (3 under
five); Tubercle of Larynx, 1 over five years of age.
Parasitic Diseases. There was one death from this class of
Dietetic Diseases. There were 2 deaths from this class of
disease in West Greenwich.
Constitutional Diseases. The deaths from this cause were
156 in number, which gives a rate of 1.49 per 1,000. Of these,
140 were attributed to Cancer, 6 to Diabetes, 5 to Anaemia, 2 to
Osteo-Arthritis, 1 to Lymphia^denoma and 2 to Gout. The deaths
from Cancer were distributed as follows:—67 occurred in East
Greenwich, 41 in West Greenwich, 9 in St. Nicholas, 21 in Charlton
and 2 in Kidbrooke.
Developmental Diseases. There were 210 deaths from this
class of causes, equal to a rate of 2.01 per 1,000.
These may roughly be divided into those from causes which
would appear to be unavoidable, viz.:—-Congenital defects, 5, and
those from causes more or less preventable, viz.:—Premature birth
41; Injury at birth, 7; Debility at birth, 9; Atrophy, Debility and
Marasmus, 17, and Atelectasis, 6.
The remaining and largest portion of these deaths from
developmental diseases, 125 in number, were from Old Age; in
1918 there were 113 deaths from this cause, and 137 in the previous
Local Diseases. Nervous System. One hundred and fourteen
deaths were attributed to the various nervous diseases, which
gives a rate of 1.09 per 1,000; last year the rate was .32 per
1,000. Convulsions were responsible for 5, all being under five
years of age; 5 were from Meningitis, 70 from Apoplexy, 2
from Softening of the Brain, 2 from Hemiplegia or Brain Paralysis,

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