London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Fulham 1916

Annual report of the Medical Officer of Health for the year 1916

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Disinfection.—21,871 articles were disinfected at
the Council's Disinfecting Station, Townmead Road, of
which 4,922 were sent from the Belgian Refugees'
Camp, Earl's Court.

The following rooms were disinfected and cleansed:—

After Scarlet Fever272
„ Diphtheria291
„ Enteric Fever2
„ Puerperal Fever21
„ Erysipelas55
„ Tuberculosis323
„ Measles330
,, Cerebro-Spinal Meningitis12
„ German Measles95
„ Cancer20
,, Poliomyelitis1
,, Miscellaneous diseases29
Verminous rooms fumigated and cleansed128

Bacteriological Examinations. — The following
bacteriological examinations were made on behalf of the
Council at the Pathological Laboratory of the West
London Hospital, by Dr. Julius Burnford.

Material from cases of suspected Diphtheria.

Number of Specimens.
True Diphtheria bacillus isolated64
Hoffmann or Pseudo Diphtheria bacillus isolated21
Negative result330