London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Port of London 1912

Report for the year ended 31st December 1912 of the Medical Officer of Health for the Port of London

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Aug. 27*"Maud"registered Berkhamsted, No. 410.
Oct. 16*"Stanley"„ Port o£ London, No. 271.
„ 18"Sarah"„ Brentford, No. 85.
„ 31"Carnation"„ Port of London, No. 255.
Dec. 13"Walter"„ Berkhamsted, No. 345.

(j)Provision of Water Cask.

The following boats were not provided with proper vessel for containing water for drinking. In only two cases have I received information that this has been done:—

March 25*"Lark"registered Berkhamsted, No. 483.
April 9"Rhodes"„ Port of London, No. 320.
Aug. 27"Dauntless"No. 345.
„ 27"Hope"„ Reading, No. 8.
Oct. 11*"Jane"„ Berkhamsted, No. 277.
Nov, 5"Sandford"unregistered.
„ 7"Northfleet"registered Brentford, No. 298 (registration subsequently cancelled).
Dec. 4"James"unregistered.
„ 17"Humber"registered Berkhamsted, No. 433.

( k) Removal of Bilge Water.

In the following 3 cases, the bilges were found to be in a filthy condition:—

July 22*"George and Jane"registered Brentford, No. 42.
Sept. 21*"Jessie"„ Ware, No. 59.
Dec. 13"Walter"„Berkhamsted, No. 345.
* Reported to be remedied.

(I) Notification of Infectious Disease.
No case of infectious disease was notified to me during the year, on board any
canal boat.
(m) Admittance of Inspector.
No difficulty has been experienced in regard to the visits of the Inspector of this
(4) No legal proceedings were necessary during the year.
(5) The total number of infringements found was 196 on 125 boats. Formal
notice of each infringement was at once given to the owners, and in many cases were
remedied without further complaint.
The number of such notices was 97, and the number which has been certified as
attended to was 74. Of the complaints issued in the year now under review, 68'04 per
cent, were remedied.
(6) No case of infectious disease has been reported on any canal boat in the
Port of London during the year.