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Port of London 1912

Report for the year ended 31st December 1912 of the Medical Officer of Health for the Port of London

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Figs— 168 bags, 10 cases, 186 taps57220
Currants— 2 boxes00224
Dates— 372 bags, 1,355 boxes, 826 cases, 200 mats11111312
Peaches— 246 bags1712225
Prunes— 5 boxes00227
Raisins— 15 boxes02217
Total weight134 tons16 cwts1 qr.13 lbs

43 tons 10 cwts. 0 qrs. 1 lb. of tinned and bottled fruits were seized and destroyed.
On the 24th October, 22 cases of tinned cherries (weighing about 33 cwts.), lying
at Millwall Dock, ex s.s. "Afghanistan," from Leghorn, were seized by one of your
Officers, as the tins were badly blown.
The consignees were communicated with and given an opportunity of sorting the
goods, with a view to saving any that might be found fit for human food. They,
however, contended that the goods were sound and wholesome, and expressed their
readiness to take delivery of the goods. At their request permission was given them to
draw samples of the goods for analysis.
The consignees admitted the goods were fermented and not merchantable, yet they
insisted that they were not unwholesome, and that they could be treated and used for
confectionery purposes, cake making, &c.
The consignees declined to consent to the destruction of the goods, and they were
taken before a Magistrate at the Thames Police Court and an order of condemnation
applied for.
In evidence the owners admitted that the cherries were fermented and unsound, but
argued that they could be treated in such a way as would render them " merchantable."
The magistrate, after hearing the evidence and inspecting the cherries, agreed that
they were unsound and unfit for human food; he condemned them and ordered them
to be destroyed.

Fresh . These consisted of 2,619 bags and 7½ cwts. of loose onions, total weight being 106 tons 6 cwts. 2 qrs. 0 lbs.

Preserved comprisedTons.Cwts.Qrs.Lbs.
Cauliflower— 1 cask0200
Gherkins— 40 tins1000
Onions— 58 tins0104
Parsnips— 162 tins02316
Turnips— 27 tins00126
Sundries— 24 tins0020
Total1 ton6 cwts3 qrs.18 lbs.

PRESERVED (Jam and Marmalade).
Three casks and one case of jam, weighing 12 cwts. 1 qr. 21 lbs.
No unsound marmalade came under the notice of your Inspectors.