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Port of London 1912

Report for the year ended 31st December 1912 of the Medical Officer of Health for the Port of London

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Date.Name of Vessel.Where from.Where lying.Description and quantity of foreign meat in respect of which Certificates were issued.
Sept. 25s.s. " HighlandiLoch "ArgentinaRoyal Albert Dock.100 crates ox cheeks.
Oct. 1s.s. "Buteshire "AustraliaVictoria Dock217 bags ox cheeks.
2s.s. " Highland Pride "ArgentinaRoyal Albert Dock.459 crates ox cheeks.
2s.s. "Topaze "OstendTilbury Dock1 package bacon.
„ 9s.s. "Highland Warrior"ArgentinaRoyal Albert Dock.150 crates ox cheeks.
9s.s. "Rubis"OstendTilbury Dock3 bales bacon.
„ 16s.s. " Rubis "DittoDitto3 bales bacon.
„ 22s.s. "Highland Laddie"ArgentinaRoyal Albert Dock.75 crates and 10 bags ox cheeks.
„ 23s.s." Saphir "OstendTilbury Dock2 bales bacon.
„ 23s.s. " Anglian "BostonRoyal Albert Dock.100 pig carcasses.
„ 31s.s. " Highland Rover"ArgentinaDitto100 crates ox cheeks.
Nov. 4s.s. " Kelvindale "DittoVictoria Dock100 bags ox cheeks.
4s.s. "Highland Glen"DittoRoyal Albert Dock.285 packages ox cheeks.
„ 12s.s. " Highland Piper "DittoDitto190 bags ox cheeks.
19s.s. " Highland Scot "DittoDitto100 crates ox cheeks.
„ 20s.s. " Topaze "OstendTilbury Dock2 bales bacon.
„ 25s.s. " Lancastrian "BostonBoyal Albert Dock.200 pig carcasses.
26s.s. " Parana "ArgentinaVictoria Dock185 bags ox cheeks.
„ 28s.s. " Highland Corrie "DittoDitto200 crates ox cheeks.
Dec. 8s.s. " Rubis "OstendTilbury Dock1 bale bacon.
4s.s. " Anglian "BostonRoyal Albert Dock.200 pig carcasses.
5s.s. " Highland Loch "ArgentinaDitto200 cases and 60 bags ox cheeks.
„ 11s.s. " Topaze "OstendTilbury Dock2 bales bacon.
„ 14s.s. " Highland Pride"ArgentinaRoyal Albert Dock.200 bags and 150 cases ox cheeks.
„ 20s.s. "Highland Warrior"DittoDitto219 bags and 250 crates ox cheeks.
„ 27s.s. " Highland Brae "DittoDitto200 bags and 250 cases ox cheeks.
,, 30s.s. "Silvia"HamburgTilbury Dock1 tin sterilized milk.

The Regulations issued by the Local Government Board, under the Public Health
(Regulations as to Food) Act, 1907, have been carried out strictly in the Port of London
and resulted in the seizure of 3,758 tons 7 cwts. 1 qr. 2 lbs. of Unsound Food by
your officers, which were destroyed or disposed of in such a manner as to prevent its
being used for human consumption.
This is the largest quantity of food-stuffs seized and dealt with hitherto in the Port
of London.
A summary of the Unsound Food seized is shown by Table XXVI.
In only one instance was it necessary to apply for a magistrate's order for the
destruction of Unsound Food seized by your officers. Reference to the case is made
under the heading of Fruit (tinned and bottled).