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Port of London 1912

Report for the year ended 31st December 1912 of the Medical Officer of Health for the Port of London

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Date.Name of Vessel.Where from.Where lying.Description and quantity of foreign meat in respect of which Certificates were issued.
Jan. 10s.s. " Elstree Grange "ArgentinaVictoria Dock305 bags ox cheeks.
„ 10s.s. " Higliland Laddie"DittoRoyal Albert Dock.325 cases ox cheeks.
„ 13s.s. "Dorset"AustraliaVictoria Dock90 pig carcasses.
„ 15s.s. "Rubis"OstendTilbury Dock2 bales bacon.
„ 18s.s. " Beacon Grange "ArgentinaVictoria Dock265 bags ox cheeks.
19s.s. " Highland Rover "DittoRoyal Albert Dock.151 crates ox cheeks.
22s.s* "Medic"AustraliaVictoria Dock14 pig carcasses.
„ 25s.s. " Highland Glen "ArgentinaRoyal Albert Dock.384 cases ox cheeks.
„ 31s.s. " Highland Corrie"DittoDitto328 cases ox cheeks.
„ 31s.s. " Saphir "OstendTilbury Dock3 bales bacon.
Feb. 2s.s. " Aeneas "AustraliaRoyal Albert Dock.106 pig carcasses.
,, 3s.s. "Kent"DittoVictoria Dock83 pig carcasses.
„ 7s.s. " Niwaru "DittoDitto122 pig carcasses.
„ 7s.s. " Highland Piper "ArgentinaRoyal Albert Dock.75 crates ox cheeks.
„ 8s.s. "Marathon"AustraliaDitto24 pig carcasses.
„ 13s.s. " Ayrshire"DittoVictoria Dock346 pig carcasses.
„ 14s.s. "Rubis"OstendTilbury Dock2 packages bacon.
„ 15s.s. " Highland Scott"ArgentinaRoyal Albert Dock.129 crates ox cheeks.
„ 20s.s. " Afric "AustraliaTilbury Dock243 pig carcass's.
„ 22s.s. " Highland Loch "ArgentinaRoyal Albert Dock.362 crates ox cheeks.
„ 22s.s. " Thule "GothenburgMillwall Dock10 pig carcasses, 8 sides beef.
Mar. 1s.s. " Highland PrideArgentinaRoyal Albert Dock.2 crates ox cheeks.
„ 2s.s. " Whakatane "New ZealandVictoria Dock10 crates ox cheeks.
„ 6s.s. " Rubis "OstendTilbury Dock3 bales bacon.
„ 11s.s. " Highland Brae "ArgentinaRoyal Albert Dock.173 crates ox cheeks.
„ 11s.s. "Highland Warrior"DittoDitto210 cases ox cheeks.
„ 12s.s. "Shropshire"AustraliaVictoria Dock238 pig carcasses.
„ 12s.s. "Wakool"DittoRoyal Albert Dock.180 pig carcasses.
„ 18s.s. "Tropic"DittoVictoria Dock69 pig carcasses.
„ 18s.s. " Suevic "DittoDitto240 pig carcasses.
„ 22s.s. " Highland Laddie"ArgentinaRoyal Albert 1 IAPIT131 crates ox cheeks.
„ 23s.s. " Opawa "New ZealandUULh. Victoria Dock16 pig carcasses.
„ 28s.s. " Ascanius "AustraliaRoyal Albert Dock.19 pig carcasses.
„ 28s.s. " Highland Rover"ArgentinaDitto268 crates ox cheeks.
„ 29s.s. " Ballaarat"AustraliaDitto61 pig carcasses.
„ 29s.s. " Ruapehu "New ZealandVictoria Dock25 crates ox cheeks.
April 3s.s. " Highland Glen "ArgentinaRoyal Albert Dock.228 crates ox cheeks.
„4s.s. "Topaze "OstendTilbury Dock4 packages sheep plucks.