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Port of London 1912

Report for the year ended 31st December 1912 of the Medical Officer of Health for the Port of London

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It is not possible to say with any degree of certainty what was the cause of the
continuance of this disease on board this vessel, but it is evident that it Avas due to
some small local cause, and my impression is that it was not unconnected with the
penholders and possibly with a boy returning after being ill and still harbouring in his
mouth the organisms of the disease. It is also possible that, in spite of the early
isolation of each boy as he ailed, that he might have been in an infectious condition
for a few hours previous to complaining, and so might have communicated the disease
during that period.
The boys went on a month's leave on December 17th. Three cases of Diphtheria
are reported to have occurred in the homes of boys on leave, but one of the cases
occurred 14 days and, in two instances, three weeks after the boys had gone
home, so that the probability is that the infection in these cases was not connected
with the "Warspite."
My suggestions were readily adopted, and I much appreciate the help and cordial
co-operation which I received from Dr. Sells, the Medical Officer of the ship.

TABLE XVI. (Chicken-Pox.)

Date.Name of Vessel, Port of Registry, and Official Number.Where from.Number of Cases.How dealt with.
Jan. 20s.s. "Otranto,"of Belfast, 124,675Brisbane2Removed to Hospital at To Ion
21s.s. "Jelunga,"of Glasgow, 98,596Middlesbrough.1Isolated on board.
Feb. 3s.s. "Osterley,"of Glasgow, 128,287Brisbane2Removed to Hospital at Plymouth.
7s.s. "Galeka,"of Southampton, 110,265Cape Town1Removed to Hospital at Southampton.
— 27s.s. "Mooltan "-1Removed to Port Sanitary Hospital.
April 13s.s. "Persia,"of Greenock, 109,258 -Bombay1Removed to Hospital at Marseilles.
„ 27s.s. "Otway,"of Glasgow, 128,282Brisbane1Removed to Hospital at Plymouth.
May 5s.s. "Galeka,"of Southampton, 110,265East London.1Allowed to proceed to home.
18s.s. "City of Vienna,"of Glasgow, 97,652.CalcuttaRemained on board the vessel.
18s.s. "Maloja,"of Belfast, 132,012Sydney1Removed to Hospital at Marseilles.
21s.s. "Dunluce Castle,"of London, 118,490.Cape Town1Isolated on board the vessel.
June 8s.s. "Guildford Castle,"of London, 132,611.Do.1Ditto.
11s.s. "Orama,"of Glasgow, 132,989Brisbane -2Patients recovered.
11s.s. "Highland Rover,"of London, 129,067.Buenos Ayres.2Patients isolated on board the vessel.
23s.s. "Orontes,"of Glasgow, 115,707Sydney2Removed to Hospital at Plymouth.
28Training ship, "Warspite,"lying off .Greenhithe1Removed to Ship's Hospital on shore.
Aug. 3s.s. "Rose,"of London, 112,843Ferry boat at Tilbury6Removed to Port Sanitary Hospital.
31s.s. "Otway,"of Glasgow, 128,282Brisbane1Patient recovered.
Sept. 14s.s. "Otranto,"of Belfast, 124,675Sydney1Removed to Hospital at Melbourne.
Dec. 12s.s. "Garth Castle,"of London, 129,078.Cape Town1Convalescent on arrival in London.