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Port of London 1912

Report for the year ended 31st December 1912 of the Medical Officer of Health for the Port of London

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Sixty-one cases of Measles were reported, of which 27 were admitted to Denton
Hospital. This disease is fairly common on homeward bound passenger ships.
Small-pox in an early stage may be mistaken for Measles, so it is important that
every case of Measles should be reported and seen by the Boarding Medical Officer so that
the diagnosis may be confirmed. Where the patients on landing have either nowhere
to go, except an hotel, or might go to a house where children lived, and so would be a
public danger, they are landed at Denton Hospital and kept until free from infection.

TABLE XI. (Measles.)

Date.Name of Vessel, Port of Registry and Official Number.Where from.No. of Cases.How dealt with.
January 3s.s. "Sheerness,"of Glasgow, 115,776Glasgow1Removed to Port Sanitary Hospital.
February 3s.s. "Osterley,"of Glasgow, 128,287Brisbane1Died and body buried at sea.
„ 15s.s. "Kitano Maru,"of TokioYokohama -Removed to Hospital at Marseilles.
March 22s.s. "City of Karachi,"of Liverpool, 120,846.Calcutta1Removed to Port Sanitary Hospital.
April 20s.s. "India,"of Greenock, 105,572 -Shanghai -1Removed to Military Hospital in London.
May 16s.s. "German,"of Southampton, 109,290.East LondonRemoved to Hospital at Southampton.
„ 28s.s. "Minnewaska,"of Belfast, 124,674.New York -1Allowed to proceed to home.
June 4s.s. "Mongolia,"of Greenock, 117,385.Auckland -1Removed to Hospital at Sydney.
„ 13s.s. "Galway Castle,"of London, 132,616.Capetown -1Removed to Hospital at Southampton.
July 9s.s. "Dimboola,"of Melbourne, 133,505.Newcastle -1Removed to Port Sanitary Hospital.
„ 21s.s. "Ausonia,"of Liverpool, 129,735Montreal1Ditto.
„ 24s.s. "Lake Michigan,"of Liverpool, 115,252.Ditto1Ditto.
„ 28s.s. "Highland Warrior,"of London, 132,595.Buenos Ayres1Patient recovered.
August 19s.s. Dunluce Castle,"of London, 118,490.Delagoa Bay1514 removed to Port Sanitary Hospital, and one at Southampton.
„ 29s.s. "City of Vienna,"of Glasgow, 97,652.Bergen1Treated on board.
„ 29s.s. "Intaba,"of Aberdeen, 129,345Port Natal -1Patient recovered.
„ 31s.s. "Otway,"of Glasgow, 128,282BrisbaneDitto.
September 8s.s. "Maloja,"of Belfast, 132,012 -Sydney1Removed to Hospital at Colombo.
„ 16s.s. "Kasan,"of Copenhagen -Libau7.Removed to Port Sanitary Hospital.
„ 26s.s. "Runic,"of Liverpool, 113,441Sydney1Removed to Hospital at Durban.
October 14s.s. "Orama,"of Glasgow, 132,989Brisbane1Patient isolated on board the vessel.
„ 31s.s. "Sardinia,"of Glasgow, 115,696Yokohama -One removed to Port Sanitary Hospital, one at Marseilles, and one recovered.
November 11s.s. "Atanta Maru "-1Removed to Port Sanitary Hospital.
„ 26s.s. "Medic,"of Liverpool, 110,573Sydney14Convalescent on arrival of vessel in London.
„ 30s.s. "Morea,"of Glasgow, 128,235Ditto1Removed to Hospital at Colombo.
December 4Training Ship "Arethusa"Lying off Greenliithe1Removed to Ship's Hospital on shore.
„ 12s.s. "Orvieto,"of Belfast, 129,628Brisbane3Removed to Hospital at Plymouth.
„ 24s.s. "Galeka,"of London, 110,265 -East London5Convalescent on arrival in London.