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Port of London 1912

Report for the year ended 31st December 1912 of the Medical Officer of Health for the Port of London

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Date.Name of Vessel, Port of Registry, and Official Number.Where from.No. of Cases.How dealt with.
1912. April 12s.s. "Anchoria," of Glasgow, 129,598-Calcutta1Removed to Port Sanitary Hospital.
„ 17s.s." Carmarthenshire,"of Southampton, 98,863.Yokohama1Removed to Hospital at Colombo.
„ 17s.s. "Highland Piper," of London, 132,559.Buenos Ayres1Removed to Port Sanitary Hospital.
„ 19s.s. "Aldersgate," of London, 123,695Bahia Blanca -3One removed to hospital at Bahia Blanca. Two died and bodies buried at sea.
23s.s. "Tasmanic," of GothenburgAdelaide1Removed to Hospital at Port Said.
May 3s.s. "Georgic," of Liverpool, 105,326 -Sydney2Removed to Hospital at Durban.
„ 10s.s. '' Mantua," of Greenock, 127,544 -Bombay1Removed to Port Sanitary Hospital.
June 2s.s. " Montreal," of Liverpool, 113,373Montreal1Ditto.
2s.s. " Athenic," of Liverpool, 115,239 -Wellington1Ditto.
7s.s. "Eastry," of West Hartlepool, 98,526.Alexandria1Removed to Hospital at Alexandria.
16s.s. "Malwa," of Glasgow," 127,543Sydney -1Removed to Port Sanitary Hospital.
„ 25s.s. "Slawentzitz," of Hamburg "Buenos Ayres1Ditto.
26s.s. "Vectis," of Greenock, 81,820Norway -1Ditto.
28s.s. " Mount Temple," of Liverpool, 113,496.Montreal1Ditto.
July 4s.s. "Orama," of Glasgow, 132,989Brisbane1Developed the disease after leaving vessel.
9s.s. "Rimutaka," of Plymouth, 111,355Auckland1Died, and body buried at sea.
15s.s. "Katherine Park," of Glasgow, 115,780.Bahia Blanca -2Removed to Hospital at Bahia Blanca.
23s.s." Wiltshire," of Brisbane, 132,675Brisbane1Removed to Port Sanitary Hospital.
Aug. 8s.s. " Corinthian," of Glasgow, 111,257Montreal1Ditto.
14s.s. "Ascania," of Liverpool, 131,342Ditto1Ditto,
26s.s. " Mantua," of Greenock, 127,544 -St. Petersburg1Ditto.
Sept. 1s.s. ''Umvolosi," of London, 115,857 -Bombay1/Ditto.
13s.s. " Vesuvio," of London, 79,155Naples -1Ditto.
25s.s. " King John," of Stockton, 124,272Karachi1Removed to Hospital at Malta.
26s.s. ''Bagdale," of Whitby, 118,853 -Cyprus -1Removed to Port Sanitary Hospital.
Oct. 16s.s. " Minnewaska," of Belfast, 124,674New York1Removed to Hospital at New York.
26s.s. "Egypt," of Greenock, 105,581 -Bombay1Removed to Hospital at Marseilles.