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Port of London 1912

Report for the year ended 31st December 1912 of the Medical Officer of Health for the Port of London

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There was not much Cholera in Europe during the past year. There was no
recrudescence of the epidemic in Italy, but some cases occurred in the island of Sardinia,
and cases were reported to have occurred in Spain at Barcelona.
Subsequent to the date of closing this Report, the following Circular was issued by
the Local Government Board to Port Sanitary Authorities. The precautions therein
indicated are, as a matter of routine, adopted in the Port of London.
Port Sanitary Authorities and certain Riparian Sanitary Authorities.
Local Government Board,
Whitehall, S.W.
9th January, 1913.
I am directed by the Local Government Board to direct your attention to the
fact that Cholera is now prevalent in and around Constantinople. It is also
prevalent in a number of districts and ports in Asia Minor and Syria, and is
severely epidemic in Mecca and the Hedjaz, from which pilgrims are now
returning to Turkey, Egypt, and Southern Europe.
The Sanitary Authorities of British ports, trading with Mediterranean and
Black Sea ports, should be on their guard against the importation of Cholera into
their districts by vessels coming from places where the disease has appeared or is
likely to appear. In this connection it is essential that the Medical Officers of'
Health of such British Ports should endeavour to keep themselves informed as to
the spread of the present outbreak of Cholera, and especially as to the continuance
of the disease in ports and other districts where it now exists, and its appearance
in other ports not yet known to be affected by it. The Statement which the
Board issue weekly to the Medical Officers, of Health of Ports and Riparian
Sanitary Authorities, and which contains information as to such Cholera
occurrences as have come under the Board's notice, will be of assistance in this
I am to remind you that on September 9th, 1907, the Board issued a revised
General Order relating to Cholera, Yellow Fever and Plague on ships arriving
from foreign ports. The Board rely on the Port and Riparian Sanitary
Authorities taking all necessary steps under that order to prevent the introduction
of Cholera into this country.
The Board will be glad if you will supply the Medical Officer of Health with
a copy of this Circular.
I am, Sir,
Your obedient Servant,
To the Clerk to the Port Sanitary Authority, or
The Clerk to the Riparian Sanitary Authority.

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