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Fulham 1911

Annual report of the Medical Officer of Health for the year 1911

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To strengthen herself, the mother should take milk
and plain food, not beer or spirits.
Nursing mothers should avoid overwork and fatigue,
and should remember that worrying or quarrelling may
spoil their milk and give the baby diarrhœa.
Bottle-fed Babies.
Summer diarrhœa in infants is chiefly due to bad
milk, unsuitable food and dirty feeding-bottles and teats.
In hot weather milk turns quickly sour or becomes
tainted by dust, dirt and flies, and may easily bring on
diarrhœa unless the following precautions are observed:—
Buy the milk twice a day, and get the best you can,
as cheap milk is dangerous.
Boil it at once for two minutes.
Keep it in a covered vessel, which should be stood in
a basin of cold water, in a cool place.
Alway's taste the milk in a spoon before putting it
into the bottle, to see that it has not turned sour.
Bottles with tubes should never be used Boat-shaped
bottles are the best.
The bottle should be scalded out after use, and the
teat should be turned inside out and washed, and kept
with the bottle under cold water.
When fresh cow's milk cannot be obtained, or the
milk has turned sour, used dried milk (Glaxo) or the best
condensed milk.
Get small tins of condensed milk, as after the tin is
opened the milk will soon go bad.
Cover an open tin with clean muslin, to protect it
from dirt and flies.

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