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City of London 1904

Report of the Medical Officer of Health for the City of London for the year 1904

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This Bill was read a second time on 25th April, 1904, and on the 8th June
referred to the Standing Committee on Law, where its progress was so delayed
that on the 7th July the Bill was reported to the House, the Home Secretary
having declined to proceed any further with the measure before the Standing
Committee. The Bill was consequently abandoned. It is understood that a
similar Bill will be introduced this year.
Section 4 was the only part of the Bill affecting the City as a "Sanitary
Authority." It provided that:—
"(1) If the Local Government Board are satisfied, on the complaint of
"any Sanitary Authority, that the dwellings in the district of that
"Authority or in any part of that district are overcrowded, and that
"the immigration of aliens into that district or part has substantially
"contributed to that overcrowding, the Board may make Regulations
"as regards that district or part (in this Act referred to as the
"prohibited area)—
"(a) for defining the limits of the prohibited area ; and
"(b) for prohibiting or regulating the dwelling or residence of
"aliens, or of any particular class of aliens, in the prohibited
"area; and
"(c) providing for such other matters as appear to the Board
"necessary or expedient for the purpose of giving effect
"to this section.
(2) The expression 'Sanitary Authority' in this section means any urban
"or rural sanitary authority, or in London any sanitary authority
"within the meaning of the Public Health (London) Act, 1891."
The Corporation of London is the " Sanitary Authority " for the City.
Although at the present time there is no part of the City that there is
occasion to have defined as a "prohibited area" within the meaning of the
Bill, the above provision is a useful one.
The measure as a whole is worthy of support, and in the interest of the
public health it is to be hoped that the Government will have no difficulty
in carrying it to a successful issue.
A "non-provided" school is a public elementary school not provided by
the Local Education Authority (the London County Council in the City),
but maintained by them under certain conditions. A public elementary
school and the conditions referred to are defined as under:—

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