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Lambeth 1904

Report on the vital and sanitary statistics of the Borough of Lambeth during the year 1904

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Comparing the Borough statistics for 1904 with those for the
old Parish for 10 years (1891-1900), it will be seen that there
has been a loss during 1904 of 20 deaths from Measles over
the average for that decennium, and a saving of 35 deaths from
Whooping Cough over the average during the same period.
With regard to Measles, extra precautions are taken in connection
with disinfection of Measles-infected houses, exclusion of
children (both infected children and also children from infected
houses) from schools, the closing of classes or whole schools on
account of outbreaks of Measles, the distributing of leaflets and
posters, and the educating of parents to regard Measles as a
serious or dangerous infectious disease, and not as a trivial complaint
of childhood.
Measles is not compulsorily notifiable, but, through Board
Schools, 1,929 cases (during 1904) were reported to the Borough
Council. Measles being chiefly a "School" Disease, this
voluntary system of notification is most desirable, and will, it is
hoped, be, in the future, extended. (Vide Appendix, pp. 72.3).
Of the 164 deaths from Measles in Lambeth Borough during
1904, 158 (i.e., 96'3 per cent.) occurred amongst children under
5 years of age, shewing that Measles is a disease of young
children, and especially fatal to such. 46 of the deaths (i.e.,
28.05 per cent.) occurred amongst infants under 1 year of age.
During 1904 in the Borough of Lambeth, disinfection has been
carried out in connection with 1,294 Measles-infected houses as
compared with 1,346, 364, 728, and 941 during 1903, 1902
1901 and 1900 respectively.
Measles is spread chiefly through Schools, especially Infants'
Departments, and during 1904 special precautions have been
taken in respect thereto, as follows :—

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