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Bethnal Green 1900

Report on the sanitary condition and vital statistics of Bethnal Green during the year 1900

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Arrangements were made in London, by the County Council, for the
prompt identification and isolation of any cases, but fortunately
none occurred.
Local Government Board,
Whitehall, S.W.,
20th September, 1900.
Sir,—I am directed by the Local Government Board to state
that in consequence of the appearance of Plague at Glasgow,
and in view of the possible occurrence of cases of the disease
in England and Wales, they have decided to issue an Order requiring
the immediate notification to the Sanitary Authorities
and to themselves of all cases of Plague.
The Order, in its application to sanitary districts outside
London, extends the provisions of the Infectious Disease (Notification)
Act, 1889, to the notification of every case of Plague
occurring in the district of a Sanitary Authority.
As regards the district of any Sanitary Authority in the
Administrative County of London, and the district of the Port
Sanitary Authority of London, the Order similarly extends the
provisions of section 55 of the Public Health (London) Act, 1891.
The Order also requires the Sanitary Authority forthwith to
send circular letters to all legally qualified medical practitioners
in the district, informing them of their duties under the regulations,
and it imposes upon every Medical Officer of Health the
duty of reporting forthwith to the Board any case of Plague
which may be notified to him, or which may otherwise come or
be brought to his knowledge, and which may occur in the district
or area assigned to his charge.
Attention is drawn to the definitions of "Sanitary Authority"
and " Medical Officer of Health " in Article I. of the Order.
Copies of the Order are enclosed, and the Board request that
you will deliver a copy to the Medical Officer of Health, as
defined by the Order.
I am, Sir, Your obedient Servant,
JOHN LITHIBY, Assistant Secretary.

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