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St Luke 1896

Report on the sanitary condition, vital statistics, &c., of the Parish of St. Luke, Middlesex for the year 1896

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been to satisfactorily comply in every particular with these
conditions, the fact that such an appliance is now at the
disposal of those responsible for the maintenance of the
Public Health will be welcomed by all interested in
sanitary advance."
I expect to be supplied with a list of places where this machine
is in use in the course of a few days.
I remain,
Yours obediently,
Medical Officer of Health.
July lst, 1896.
The above Report having been considered, a Committee was
thereupon appointed to visit one or two places at which Thresh's
Apparatus was in use, and the Report of the said Committee
being favourable, your Vestry agreed to substitute a Steam
Disinfector for the Apparatus hitherto relied upon for the
purpose, and the work was ultimately carried out by Messrs.
Slater & Owen, Engineers, of Great George Street, Westminster,
and after 4 months use of the Steam Chamber I am in
a position to certify that it fulfils all the promises made for it by
its makers.
Supply of Disinfectants.
A large quantity of Carbolic Acid and Disinfecting Powder
has been supplied to parishioners from the Mortuary upon
presentation of orders for the same issued from this department.
The Mortuary and Coroner s Court.
During the twelve months under consideration 289 bodies
have been received into the Mortuary. Eighty-three Inquests
were held in the Coroner's Court belonging to the Vestry and
forty-four Post-mortem Examinations were made in the Postmortem
Room adjoining the Court.
By arrangement with the London County Council the sum of
£50 per annum is now received by the Vestry for the
accommodation afforded by the Coroner's Court in lieu of payment
by fees as was wont to be the case.
During the year I have visited and reported upon 4 Slaughterhouses,
2 Cowsheds, and 35 Bakehouses, situated in the Parish,
with the result that notices to cleanse, whitewash, and remedy
other sanitary defects were served upon the owners of 2 Cowsheds,
and 30 Bakehouses,

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