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Woolwich 1893

The fifth annual report on the health, sanitary condition, etc., etc., of the District of Woolwich for the year 1893

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Small Pox

It will be noted that this district has been visited during the year with several outreaks of small-pox, the cases were notified as follows:—

Arsenal Sub-District.Dockyard Sub-District.
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From the above figures it will be seen that the disease has never
assumed an epidemic form, although repeatedly introduced into the
district, more particularly through the medium of common lodging
houses, this desirable result being obtained by the energy of the
Sanitary Inspectors, by the co-operation of the Public Vaccinator, and
the readiness of the lodging-house keepers to render every assistance,
and their willingness to adopt such measures as the non-rcception of
new inmates, which obviously operated to their own pecuniary loss
Typhoid Fever
Of the 25 cases of typhoid fever, no less than 6 occurred
in one house, and two additional cases have occurred
since, the dates of the notification of these latter cases were as under:—
One case on 6th December, 1893.
„ „ 14th „ „
Four cases on 21st„ „
One case on 19th January, 1894.
„ „ 24th„ „
There can be no doubt that a local cause was in operation. Every
investigation was made; the drainage arrangements, although defective,
could not be held to be accountable, the water supply was
good, and the milk was not implicated.
Many of the cases occurred in connection with the front basement
room which was used as a living room.

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