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Woolwich 1893

The fifth annual report on the health, sanitary condition, etc., etc., of the District of Woolwich for the year 1893

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TABLE XXV.—F ood and Drugs Act, 1875.

Summary of Articles purchased and submitted for Analysis, with results of same, for the year ended 31st December, 1893.

No. of Sample.Article submitted for Analysis.Statewhether the sample was sub-mitted to the Analyst by an officer acting under direction of a Local Authority under Sec. 13 of Act.Result of Analysis.The sum paid in respect of the Analysis.Observations.
Shewing whether the sample was genuine or adulterated, and what were the nature and extent of the adulteration.
696Lime Water, B.P.Inspctr.Genuine..
698DittoDittoDitto..Badly preserved—not quite up to B.P. stngh.
699MilkDitto5 per cent. added water..
703DittoDitto13 per cent. added water..
704DittoDittoGenuine..Poor quality.
705Diluted Acetic AcidDittoDitto..80.0 B.P. strength.
706B.P. DittoDittoDitto..86.8 „
707DittoDittoDitto..74.8 „
708Black TeaDittoDitto..
709Green TeaDittoDitto..
710MilkDittoDitto..Very poor quality.
711DittoDitto3 per cent. added water..
712DittoDitto6½ „ „..Fined £4 and costs 4s. 37 pr. ct. fat abstracted
713DittoDitto8 „ „..Fined £4 and costs 4s. 27 pr. ct. fat abstracted
715DittoDittoDitto..Very poor quality.
716DittoDittoDitto..„ „
717DittoDittoDitto„ „ Deficient in fat
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