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Woolwich 1893

The fifth annual report on the health, sanitary condition, etc., etc., of the District of Woolwich for the year 1893

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List of Bakehouses in the District of Woolwich during the year1893.

No.Name of Owner.Situation of Bakehouse.No.Name of Owner.Situation of Bakehouse.
1Co-operative Society153, Powis Street20Lucas, Walter16, Cross St. (East)
2Frost, William42, „ „21Smith, Alfred37, Frances Street
3Hobbs, Samuel16, „ „22Crow, William6, Church Street
4Newell, Walter60, Hare Street23Hills, Alfred32, „ „
5Kohmann, J. G.29, „ „24Roffey, James48, „ „
6Roffey, Edward100, High Street25Sims, Alfred23, George Street
7Cocks, Mrs. William111, „ „26Clothier, William51, Albion Road
8Shierman, Henry140, „ „27Attenborough, JamesSand Street
9Flood, Benjamin31, Beresford Street28Dhonau, John18, Prospect Place
10Martin, Jacob Adam16, The Common29Meyer, Frederick33, Samuel Street
11Mitchell, Colin53, Wellington St.30Akers, William8, Hill Street
12Newman, Thomas94, „ „31Wilkening Louis72, Henry Street
13Hinds, Edward29, Artillery Place32Cooper, Joseph24, Chapel Street
14Ewell, Edwin38, „ „33Brown. Joseph36, „ „
15West, George10, King Street34Holcombe, Thomas45, Warwick Street
16Fletcher, John15, New Road35Corder, Thomas18, Charles Street
17Stone57, „ „36Porter, George29, „ „
18Bradshaw, Alfred3, Green's End37Jackson, FredDock Street, North Woolwich
19Dennis, Henry96, Brookhill Road
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