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Woolwich 1893

The fifth annual report on the health, sanitary condition, etc., etc., of the District of Woolwich for the year 1893

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Return of the Number of Houses Inspected, Notices served, etc., by the Sanitary Inspectors during 1893.

Name of Inspector.Number of Houses.Number of Notices served.Number of Notices.Nature of Nuisances included in Notices.Remarks.
Inspected.Re-Inspected.Complied with.Not complied with.No water in Closets.Dirty and Defective Walls and Ceilings.Defective Paving.Foul & Defective W.C. Pans and Traps.Defective Poofs.Defective Yard, Drains and SinksDefective Guttering, &c.House Sinks connected with DrainsDefective Water Supply.General Nuisances, etc.Total.
J. Carty................................Engaged Superintending removal of dust, carrying out provisions of Sale of Food and Drugs Act, Smoke nuisance, provisions of Public Health (Loudon) Act,etc.
A. Mackie13951196671664753968710474112742193174482167 cases referred to Solicitor and Summonses in 13 of these cases had to be issued before the work was done.
w. Woolley16571584883873106412111714695141147451182146215
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