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Woolwich 1893

The fifth annual report on the health, sanitary condition, etc., etc., of the District of Woolwich for the year 1893

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The opposition was both unreasonable and illogical, and could not
prevail against the unanimous support given to the scheme by the
various local authorities, and the testimony of the whole of the
Medical Officers of Health of the District as to the urgent need of
such a hospital, and the great eligibility of the site proposed.
The Local Government Board allowed the purchase of the site,
imposing certain restrictions on the erection of the buildings, one
being to the effect that no wards should be placed within 450 feet of
the Shooters' Hill Road; this restriction has been found in no way to
hamper the erection of a proper hospital, the plans for which have
now been approved, and which represent the most complete hospital
of its kind in tho world.
3. The laying out of the North Woolwich Gardens has been
completed, and they now form one of the plcasantest recreation
grounds in the Metropolis.
4. The Communication between North and South Woolwich has
been f arther improved by the placing on the river of a new
ferry boat, "The Hutton."

The following are the number of passengers and vehicles that have passed over the ferry during the past three years:—

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5. The alterations have been commenced at the Woolwich
yard, with the view of laying it out as an open space.
6. The Board has resolved to remove all trade refuse, and dispose
of it in the destructor.
7. The Electric Light has been introduced into Woolwich.
In all these respects the district has been greatly benefitted, and
the town is indebted to its Local Authority for its enlightened policy.
There are one or two things which in my judgment require the
immediate attention of the Board.

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