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St Olave 1894

Annual report on the sanitary condition of the District for the year 1894

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of the population. The birth-rates for the four preceding
years were 32, 36.2, 37.8 and 30.3. The birth-rate for London
for the year was 30.1.
The deaths registered as having actually occurred in the
District were 7.8; 564 of these took place at Guy's Hospital,
this number including only 17 deaths of parishioners, 547
belonging to other districts. At the Parish-street Workhouse
there were 34 deaths, only 5 of these belonging to the District.
Fourteen bodies were found in the Thames, only one of which
was that of a parishioner.
The deaths of 53 parishioners were returned from outlying
public institutions.
After making the necessary corrections, it is found that
252 deaths of parishioners took place in the 52 weeks ending
December 29th, 1894.
The annual death-rate was, therefore, 19.4 per thousand.
The death-rate for London for the year was 17.7.

The corrected death-rates of St. Olave's, and of London for the past five years are as under—

Year.St. Olave's Death-Rate per 1,000.London Death-Rate per 1,000.
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1 he detailed causes of death will be found on turning: to
the various tables accompanying this Report.

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