London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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St Olave 1894

Annual report on the sanitary condition of the District for the year 1894

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New closets provided at workshops or factories2
Closets re-constructed26
Closets without water supplies26
Closets with defective water supplies155
Closets defective, stopped or dirty99
Closets with insufficient light or ventilation16
Defective soil pipes8
Urinals defective, foul, or without water supplies12
Premises (including one School) provided with new drains137
Drains stopped...42
Drains defective150
Drains untrapped48
Drains with defective traps45
Waste pipes from sinks, <fec., connected to drains31
Stack pipes connected to drains41
New sanitary bins provided25
Dust Bins found defective13
„ with defective covers8
Yards repaved21
Paving repaired32
Yards and walls of same foul5
Requiring general repairs10
Requiring ventilation under ground floor49
Houses with damp walls32
Roofs and roof gutters defective29
Eaves, gutters and down pipes defective40
Rooms dirty (including 3 School-rooms)131
Rooms overcrowded26
Rooms requiring better ventilation (including 3 School-rooms)24
Rooms illegally let as dwellings6
Passages and staircases dirty21
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