London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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St Olave 1894

Annual report on the sanitary condition of the District for the year 1894

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Collection of House Refuse.
This important service continues to be carried out regularly
and efficiently, as not a single complaint of neglect or
inattention has been made here during the year. On the
contrary, 121 visits have been made to houses where the
dustmen have reported failure to obtain the refuse at the
appointed times; and in 14 cases where the Occupiers have
refused the dustmen's request to permit the removals, notices
have been served, but no further proceedings were necessary.
25 new sanitary dust-pails have been provided. These
much facilitate the work of the dustmen.
Foods unfit for Human Consumption.

The undermentioned were given up by the respective Owners, and destroyed, the same being found unfit for the food of man:—

Plums (3 lots)6183
Pears (2 lots)3163
Tinned Meat11
Green Peas (from Australia), 8 cases—about80
Asparagus ( „ ), 1 case „10
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Only one seizure of food has been made where a prosecution
followed. As the case is one of special interest to a

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