London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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City of London 1897

Report on the sanitary condition of the City of London for the year 1897

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of common sense, and those very clever persons
who, by the possession of a "peculiar reasoning
faculty, which has enabled them to believe things
that are not true," and impelled them with
much obstinacy and no little ingenuity to resist
the teachings of experience and the evidence
of the highest exponents of medical thought
in this and all civilized countries, must henceforth
devote their obstructive and mischievous
faddism to other subjects.
The modern innovation of substituting calf
for human lymph has been forced upon the
Legislature chiefly by platform agitators, and
is purely and simply a question of political
exigency. I am, however, convinced that it
has in no way modified the predilection of experienced
medical practitioners in favour of
arm-to-arm vaccination, and, personally, I
much prefer that method, provided the operation
is skilfully performed with antiseptic
precautions from a healthy child, and that
not an atom of the vaccinifer's blood is inserted
with the lymph employed, which should
be as colourless and pellucid as distilled water.

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