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Islington 1896

Forty-first annual report on the health and sanitary condition of the Parish of St. Mary, Islington

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33 [1896
Fourth Quarter.—The returns for this period were eminently
satisfactory and showed that the district enjoyed very good health, and
this, too, whether the deaths from all causes or from the zymotic diseases
be considered.
The total number of deaths was 1,502, of which 776 were males
and 726 were females. This number was 138 below the average
(1,640) registered in the fourth quarters of the preceding eleven years,
after corrections had been made for increased population and the fact
that the quarter contained fourteen weeks.
The death-rate was equal to 16.52 per 1,000 of the population, as
against an average rate during the corresponding fourth quarters of the
preceding eleven years of 18.03.
In whatever light the death-rate for the quarter is viewed, it must
be considered most satisfactory for a large and very densely populated
place like Islington. It is below the death-rate that prevailed in
England and Wales (17.9), in the 33 Great Towns (18.8), in the 67
Other Large Towns (18.2), in Rural England (17.1), in London (17.7),
and in the Encircling Districts (17.5).
In the sub-districts of the parish the several death-rates were also
satisfactory; thus, in Upper Holloway the rate was 14.60 per 1,000, in
South-west Islington 18.52, in South-east Islington 17.49, and in
Highbury 15.12.

Table XX. Showing the Deaths and Death-rates from All Causes in the Four Quarters in the Sub-districts, together with the Death-rates in the Parish during the same periods.

Quarters.UpperHolloway.South-west Islington.South-east Islington.Highbury.The Parish.
First Quarter47519.2856921.2234620.8327416.931,66419.71
Second Quarter38015.4050218.6827216.3122814.061,38216.37
Third Quarter36014.5949218.3725316.1823114.251,33615.82
Fourth Quarter38814.6053618.5231417.4926415.121,50216.52
The Year1,60315.932,09919.161,18517.4499715.085,88417.09